Eco Friendly Air Conditioner Options for Homes Around the World

Summers around the world are getting hotter every year, increasing the need for affordable and eco-friendly air conditioning. Parts of the world that once had mild summer months are now experiencing heat they’ve never felt before and have an increased interest in the types of AC units available to them.

Central Air

Central air conditioning is the most popular option in the United States because most modern homes are constructed with all the ductwork that’s needed to operate the system. New units are quite eco-friendly and can cool the entire house without causing drastic increases in the home energy bill. However, in the Asian Pacific region, the cost to install ducts is often not affordable, and homeowners must choose another option.

Single Room Units

These types of air conditioners are ideal for small spaces. They are much more affordable than central air conditioning and, because ductwork isn’t required, they are easy to install. All a homeowner needs to use a single room air conditioning unit is a power supply and a window. People around the world take advantage of these units to keep cool in the hot summer months.

Ductless Air Conditioning Units

This is a relatively new technology and is among the most Eco friendly air conditioner option available today. A ductless system is as easy to use as a single room air conditioner, but a single system can keep an entire home cool throughout the summer. Because they don’t require ducts, this type of air conditioning unit is much easier and affordable to install.

Families that choose a ductless air conditioning system need to carefully assess their needs prior to getting a unit installed. Many families underestimate their need for electrical circuits and have to invest more money to install additional boxes later. This air conditioning system is great for keeping confined spaces cool. However, homes with large, open spaces may need additional units to ensure they get the full benefits.

Fans just aren’t enough to keep homes cool anymore. Families that want to stay comfortable in their homes must explore their options and choose an air conditioning unit that fits their budget.